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Ales at Rio Carnival

September 19, 2012

OK, probably the last post of the Brazilian blog, and to end the event, I’ve loaded up a string of brief snippets from a film that I shot in 1999 onto the Brazilian Music Day page.  These are ales, or ‘wings’ that accompany the floats that parade in the Sambadrome during Rio’s carnival. If the women on the floats are the flesh, then the ales are the bones that make the carnival human. They come in blocs of color, wave after wave, and are a wonder to behold. Everyone should attend Carnival once – either the big-time one in Rio, a street version in Bahia, or in any of the cities in Brazil.

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  1. September 19, 2012 11:31 pm

    Each group has a name they are different named school of Samba and have thousands of members that will come to the streets during Carnaval. Usually they pick the official song in November, because after the Holidays they will have start the sales of costumes and everyone has to know the song to sing when they are at the Sambodromo like they call it.
    Each wing has a different designed costume and price. The entire parade must show the official colors or they loose points, they can show other colors but primarily their colors.
    They will be judged by, harmony, costume, theme, front commission(group that opens the parade) timing(they have a105 minutes to cross) percussion, flag bearer couple, allegories,
    and a few more . It is the most powerful experience someone can have, to cross the Sambodromo. It is a very powerful emotion ! Thousands of Brazilians that live abroad go back every year just to do it.

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